The 1927 Jubilee stems from an idea formed by Ralph Peer when he brought the original Bristol Sessions to Bristol, Tn in 1927. It was Recorded on State Street which is now a parking lot not far from the Bristol, Tn/Va Sign. It was part of one of the stops on a $60,000 trip around a couple big southern cities. The Project gave way to artists like The Carter Family, Jimmy Rogers and Johnny Cash. He came to Bristol quite a bit and was quoted saying the Bristol Sessions was “the single most important event in the history of Country Music” Which is a bold statement. It is actually referred to as the “big bang” of country music a matter of fact many well-known artists have come to the area Ralph Stanley which is the pioneer of Bluegrass performed on WCYB’s radio station many many times. The Bristol area and the surrounding county’s have amazing artists and have influenced many genres over the 90 years since the original sessions.


Stephen Schoenecker is the Producer/Engineer of the “1927 Jubilee”. The idea for the “1927 Jubilee” is mainly because nobody is highlighting music around the Appalachian area. Also, it was the 90th anniversary of the original Bristol Sessions. It is a then and now “what is happening 90 years later for music in the area”.


John McGlocklin Founder/CEO of Middle Fork Records heard about the project and was ready to jump onboard. He is from the area and has a band called “Virginia Ground”. He knows the talent the area holds and wants everyone to know that you can become a well known artist this close to home and you don’t have to go to nashville to hit it big you can do it indoor own back yard.


“We hope you enjoy the project as it unravels into something amazing. We hope you see just as much potential as we do and follow us on this journey”.