This website celebrates the 1927 Jubilee album. The 1927 Jubilee shows tribute to the 90th anniversary of the old Bristol sessions which was considered the “Big Boom” of Country music. The music is recorded in Bristol, Tn just like the original sessions. If you want to be a part of the album submit your music and get your chance at being featured. We have many things on this site including news and special not seen Behind the Scenes pictures and bio’s of some of the artist already recorded. Below are a list of artists already confirmed on the project:

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

JamieCollins with Dave Eggar

Folk Soul Revival

Virginia Ground

49 Winchester

Momma Molasses

Richie Owens 

Fritz & Co.

Annie Robinette

The Fiddle Scene

The Josh Daniel/Mark Schimick Project

Time Sawyer

Tuatha Dea

Moose Roberts and Th’ Monkeypaws

Jared Bentley